Spine Furniture Competition

front.pngComprised of a series of ‘triangular’ shapes, the spine, or backbone, forms a strong, flexible frame on which the rest of the skeleton either rests or hangs. Inspired by this core structure that is integral to vertebrates, spine modular furniture embodies modularity, flexibility, strength and support. In addition, the various elements are designed around a similar central feature.

Spine modular furniture is the brainchild of a team of creative professionals who set themselves a limited time (3 days) in which to design and prepare their submission for this competition.

Proportions for the spine range are based on the Golden Mean, which ensures an
overall impression of harmony and balance.

Materials have been chosen for their strength, aesthetic appeal, availability and
sustainability. Moreover, they can be sourced locally and custom permutations can
include indigenous crafts (woven baskets), and/or recycled materials.


Table Form

All pieces of furniture are constructed around a simple, central hinged 'ladder' system, or spine, that provides

support and a common aesthetic.